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jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

A simple detail!! DIY!!

During winter it´s so difficult looking beautiful and fashion. However I think with small details like nice accesories or painting your nails, you can get an atractive look. We don´t need to go to the beauty salon to get a manicure. It´s easier, faster and cheaper if you do it  yourself!!
In winter I prefer to use strong colors in my nails because we always dress in dark colors during this season. Furthermore, I always try to mix the color in my nails with the color in my clothes but if you don´t like it, you can choose french nails which is so beautiful and elegant!!

Red one is from Ice. They have a lot of colors and you can buy 3 for $10 AUD.

This is definitely my favourite. French Tip nails always is stylish. Manicure is so expensive here, so I bought this white nail color pen in my country and I love it. It is too easy to use!!

This color is sky blue. It´s from rubi but the quality is not the best. I painted my nails twice and then I applied one coat of glitter nail. I spent only $2 AUD.

I use black nailpolish  because I think it looks cool. Althoug it is not the best quality, I just use it one coat an then one coat of glitter. Thanks of that, my nailpolish stays in my nails longer.

If you can use nailpolish, try to do it. When I was in Chile I couldn´t use it because of my job but I enjoy painting my nails!! It´s no necessary to pay for it, you can do it  yourself. You can choose different soft or dark colors and it is a nice accesory for your outfit.
Javi ♥

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