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miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

UGG boots...a must??

Ok, I have to be honest, since I came to live in Mlebourne I started to fall in love with the famous UGG (a relationship of love and hate). So I have decided to get ones, but there are too many types that I don't know which ones are fakes and which ones not. Considering the prices as well, it has become a quite difficult decision specially when I see people wearing them without style. I mean, the boots are uggly, talking in fashion way, so you have to be careful when you combine your outfit. Anyway, now, I made a decision, I want the classic model, in chocolate color to wear in winter to go to Uni or to stay at home and to look the Australian style very proudly. If you can mix them with a nice pants and cardigan or jacket they just look perfect!!. Not for anything they are world trend and many famous people have worn them. So now it is my turn!!
I just love them and I can't see to buy them.

I was in shock when I saw that Eva longoria, the perfect wear them, and Jennifer...come on  I want the same for me!!
Maybe is not a Must, but in my opinion it is something new (maybe for south american people like me), pretty and comfortable, and I definitely want to try them.

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