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viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

My new obsession: BB creams

I can´t believe it´s about a month without a post...this semester has been very busy at Uni. But that doesn´t mean that I didn´t have time for trying new make up on. So this is what I have been testing the last 4 weeks.
I started to try BB creams becaue I read so many good reviews about them and because they make me feel intrigued...are they magic?? let´s see:

 The main brands I´m going to talk in this post, are Skin79 and Missha. From the former I tryied the Hot Pink, Vip Gold and Lovely girl and from Missha the Perfect cover.
In this website, you can find both Brands, however, you can find the Missha ones, just in two shades. Also they have other brands (we´re talking about Korean brands) and you can go to the physical store located in Swanston st. They also have sample size for some (5ml for 5aud) which correspond to the Hot Pink and Gold lavel collections from Skin79.

Skin79 Hot Pink: For me, this is what the perfect BB cream does, talking about real ones, not the "western versions". I wish I was fair enough to use it more comfortable, given that it comes in 1 shade which adapt every skin after 10 minutes, but although it adapts to my skin, I feel it looks a little white for me. But it makes my skin looks so beautifull and flawless, no pores, no redness, so even...just perfect. It does not cover my big spots on my chin, but nothing that a concealer can´t hide. Moreover you always look natural, when I use it my husband asks me if I´m wearing make up. If you are fairer than MAC NW-25, this is your BB cream, and if you´re oily skin, this is for you too because I´m very oily and it controls the shine very well (I´m still powder my face after applying my BB cream). I´m so in love with it that I squeezed the tube until the last drop as you can see in the picture and I´m planning to get the travel size that cost $15aud (15ml) in the store I told you above.

Face: Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream
Cheeks: Nars Exhibit A blush
Lips: Mac Plumful Lipstick

Skin 79 Vip Gold: Although it looks like it´s the same formula, not thin as a tinted moisturizer, this is good but not for oily skin. Again, it adapts to your skin color so well that after 10 minutes it doesn´t look too white or too greyish. Nothing more to say, it is not for me. In the link I wrote you can find the specification for each BB cream.

Missha Perfect cover (n°27): Because I loved so much the Skin79 Hot Pink, I was decided to find a BB cream for my shade, and I discovered that Missha makes so many shades, so I went to Box Hill, here in Melbourne, (you can see the store locator here) and I bought the Perfect cover BB cream in shade 27. It is a little bit thinner than the Skin79 but it covers more. It feels quite natural on your skin and it lasts all day. I really like it, on my face both (the Hot Pink and this one) look quite similat but with this one you don´t need to wait to adapt to your skin. I don´t know why but I love more the Hot Pink but I feel safer with this one, because I´m pretty sure I don´t look white. I´m not sure if this one it´s going to suit me when I´ll be tanner. (I hope so becaue it supposes to adapt to my color). It cost me $32.99 aud and I like it because it is a very good option for medium to darker skins.

Face: Missha Perfect cover BB cream (n°27)
doing this look from Lisa Eldridge

Skin79 Lovely girl: This one reflects my obsession with all the make up world...I read good reviews saying that this is very good to control oil because it´s for teenagers. And it is cheaper than other BB cream so I went to the store in Swanston (called Lome) to buy it (it cost $16.8aud) to try it and I´m not disappointed. It is very similar to the Hot Pink one. Yesterday I was talking to my sister (Through Skype) and she told me: "oh, what did you do with your skin? it looks so beautiful, like porcelain skin..." and I was wearing this BB cream so now my sister is crazy waiting for a package that I sent to her with some samples of Korean BB cream.

my face the same day (4-5 hours later) my sister
called me, wearing Skin79 Lovely girl
Overall, I think Korean BB creams are awesome, for those women who don´t like make up but want to feel beautiful or for those women that can´t deal with foundation but want to improve their face in a natural way.
In my opinion, Korean BB creams are miraculous!!
If you live in Melbourne, you can test them buying the small size versions in the store I linked before.
I hope you like my post.
Javi ♥

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