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lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

My 2012 favourites

This is a very delayed post, but I'd been working a lot and I haven't had time to write on my blog. 2012 was my first year really into the make up world so when I say my 2012 favourites mean my lifetime favs. 
These are the products that work for me, worth the money and make me feel confident. It is not only about quality or technique, I'm not a make up artist, it is about my here we go:

1. NARS BLUSHES: Even when I'm paying $45aud for them, they totally worth it! Beautiful colors, excellent pigmentation and maximum lasting power. I have 7 and I love them all. Desire is a barbie pink that makes my cheeks look healthy, Exhibit-A is a orange red that gives me that look after being exposed to the cold, Gilda is my perfect peachy color, Lovejoy is a brown that makes me look tan, Taj Mahal is a bright orange that gives me that glowy look and Taos is the perfect browny pink that looks perfect with plumful lips. These are the only blushes that I own, but a week ago I got one from Illamasqua that I love, however I think that Nars is the brand for getting blushes.

2. SKIN79 HOT PINK BB CREAM: If you still don't try this, what are you waiting for? A light foundation that applies as a cream, enough cover to make your face appear flawless but real, it does not feel heavy and even out your tone. I can't live without it anymore.

3. CHANEL VITA LUMIERE AQUA FOUNDATION: For special events or in those days that I'm having  some issues qith my skin this is THE foundation I wear. It is perfect for oily skin, it doesn't feel heavy on your skin and I can use it only in the areas where I need it. It totally worths the money.

4. LAURA MERCIER PRIMER OIL FREE: The perfect produt to make my foundation lasts all day and to control my shine on my t-zone.

5. ONE BY ONE MASCARA AND COVERGIRL LASHBLAST FUSION MASCARA: The perfect mix to make my eyelashes thick and long.

6. MAC CRANBERRY EYESHADOW: Beautiful color, beautiful finish and easy to blend. Looks amazing in a somky eye. The color you have to own from MAC.

7. STILA ELECTRIC EYELINER: It is such amazing color, the color of the year, easy to use, it makes you eyes the center of the attention, specially for brown eyes. I can't stop using it in a cat line.

8. MAC TECHNAKOHL LINER: It lasts all day in my water line, that deserves the recognition.


10. NARS YACHIYO BRUSH: The best brush I own, it applies the blush in such a subtle and perfect way that makes me feel a pro. If you love Nars brushes, specially the bright ones, this is the brush you need to own.

11. SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLER: Only when you own it you understand the art of curling your lashes, this tool is the only one in the market that really makes its work. It is denifitely, and investment.

12. MY TEA SPOON: To get a natural curling, this is my secret weapon...even if I use the shuuemura curler, I need to use my spoon before in order to get a natural and perfect curling. It needs practice to learn the technique but I can't replace it after all the years I have been using it.

After Christmas and since I'm working I've been buying so many other products that maybe  I would need to inlcude in this post... they are in my 2013 favs already.

I hope you like my favourites...
Have a good week.
Kisses ♥

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