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viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Clarisonic Mia or Clarisonic Mia2?

This was the big question I had before jumping on the Clarisonic boat. Well, I had a discount to buy it in certain store so I decided to buy the one that was available there so I ended buying the Mia.

Clarisonic Mia

I had it for about a month and loved it. It made my skin so clean and soft and you can feel how your skin products penetrate better into your skin after using it. So I was pretty happy with my purchase. However the colors and other features in the Mia 2 kept me tempted.
Short story, my mum came to visit me to Australia, tried my Clarisonic and loved it as well, so she decided to buy one, offered me to buy the Mia2 for me and she would keep the "old" one.
That´s how I ended buying the Clarisonic Mia2 (you can see it in the pic below).

Clarisonic Mia2

I can say I´ve tried both, and after 1 month using the Mia, and 2 weeks using the Mia2, I´m ready to tell you if the differences worth the difference in price...let´s see.
The main differences between these are that the Mia2 has a timer which tells you when to change to another area of your face and it has two speeds. In Australia the Mia2 comes in bright colors such as apple green and fuchsia, whereas the Mia only comes in light pink and white. Not a big deal for most reasonable people but I really wanted to have one in a bright color. Stupid I know, specially when in other countries the Mia comes in a great variety of colors. $40aud more just for the color?, no way.

Let´s talk about fundamental issues, does the two speed and the timer in the Mia2 make the difference? To be honest, I don´t think so. I didn´t have any issues using the Mia, 20 seconds in your cheeks and forehead, 10 in your chin and nose. Mia2 rings after the 10/20 secs to change position and after using it for 2 weeks I don´t think it is something important. When it comes to the two speed...I haven´t changed the speed since I´m using it, so I have to say it is not a big deal as well!

To sum up, if you have to choose between Mia and Mia2, go for Mia, you don´t need a timer, you don´t need two speeds and the color, it is absolutely not important to spend $40aud more. 

Do you need the Clarisonic? Yes you do. I am crazy about skincare and makeup so probably my advise is not the most logical, however my mum doesn´t wear much make up or expensive skincare products and she swears by the Clarisonic. She got back to Chile with the Clarisonic Mia from Australia so happy because her skin looked brighter, glowy and polish so for me, that means that the Clarisonic does make a difference.

I´m not a dermatologist but I am a GP, I don´t think you need to use it twice a day, on the contrary, I use it every two days because we don´t need deep exfoliation every day and the Clarisonic does that and also clean. I haven´t had any issue so far so I´m pretty happy with my new tool and I´m pretty happy to be able to compare the two Mia versions. 

As I said before, I recommend you to get the Mia to save money and get same results. I also recommend don´t abuse it, nobody needs to use these brush every day. Our skin cells have a normal cycle that we don´t have to disturb. Using it like this, save money to buy the brushes, because you wouldn´t need to replace them every three months if you´re not using it every day.

 Is this brush going to prevent spots or cure acne prone skin? As a doctor it´s going to help but it is a help for your normal treatment and other products you´re using. This is only a brush to clean your skin and that´s how it may help with other problems, but it is not a solution, so don´t expect too much please. It is a luxurious item, so if you are in a budget don´t think it is elemental. I love it but I´m realistic, I still have breakouts here or there but I feel my skin it is more balanced. I noticed it helps to control my shine, so I´m pretty happy with that and also it helps to diminish or dissimulate my big pores. We´ll see the long term benefits.

That´s my experience, I hope it will be useful for anyone willing to buy the Clarisonic who doesn´t know which one to get.

Have a lovely weekend
See you soon
Javi ♥

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