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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

MAXI DRESSES!! The new fashion trend...

 Hi girls!! My last posts have been about make up, but what is make up without a nice outfit?? Nothing, right? So now I´m going to talk about the new trend in fashion this  2011 Spring-Summer season which it is called MAXI DRESSES. Yes!! those long dresses in different colors or printed that sometimes they could be very complicated to use, because you look as a nun or muslim woman (with all my respect for them) or whatever.
In this aspect, in my opinion, we should be realistic and aware about our type of body. Not every maxi dress fits in every kind of body, so don´t forget to be honest with yourself.
Because of all this, I was afraid of buying one, I´m small and thin so, is a maxi dress for me? I wasn´t sure...Therefore, what I did it was looking for a not expensive dress, black and simple style. With that in mind, I went to Melbourne Central where I found a very cheap simple black maxi dress which only cost me $7.99 AUD. I tried on, also I added a nice cardigan and with my accesory (my golden necklace) looked so well in the mirrow that I decided to buy both, the maxi dress and the cardigan.
The next morning I was wearing my new outfit and, you wouldn´t believe the amount of compliment that I received!! Moreover if my outfit only cost me $16 AUD.
Off course, you cannot ask good quality or something like that, but at least the dress survived from the washine machine. LOL ^_^
Here´s my outfit and more details!!

Maxi dress (Cocolatte)
Cardigan (Cocolatte)
Earrings and necklace (Colette)
Have a good week

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