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sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Summer foundation routine

 Hello everyone!! Summer is here and as you know, our foundation routine needs to be adapted to the new weather´s conditions. I have discovered a new type of foundation recently, by Loreal, which is called MATTEMORPHOSIS and has a consistence of soufflé, therefore is very light. It is completely good for this season because we don´t need a deep coverage in our faces during summer but we still want to cover all our skin imperfections. The color is very dark, however it blends so well that the color over your face changes to one more natural color.
 I also bought the translucide powder in order to complement my foundation. In this case I chose this kind of powder because my idea is try to get a natural look.
If you are interested in try these products, you should go to Priceline Australia because until November 21st there is a promotion, all Loreal´s face products are 2 for 1. So you can buy the Matte foundation and the powder is going to be free!! (it costs almost $35 AUD each.)
Hurry up!!


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