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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Those secret brands that just very good makeup artist know about it


Thanks to my favourite makeup artists from youtube (Lisa Eldridge and Wayne), I´ve been discovering so many cosmetic brands that I didn´t know they existed!! That´s how I learned about Becca. I can´t say too much about its products yet, but I´m adding two of their products to my list of wishes...

1) Shimmering Skin Perfector: Lisa always use this as a highlighter and it looks amazingly natural. The day I wen to buy it, it wasn´t available in the shade I wanted!! So although sometimes I forgot how much I want it I think I´m going to get it soon. By the way, this brand is high end but with acceptable prices. The highlighter costs $66 aud. When I saw Lisa using it I thought "it should be extremely expensive.

2) This is the second product of this brand that I´m crazy about.  I love blushes, powder, cream or liquid. This is a combination of the both later, it is a kind of cream, gel, liquid blush in beautiful colors, that blends easily and gives to your face that naturla healthy glow. And guess what? it is not extremely expensive (considering that a tiny amount of product it´s enough to get the look), it cost $42 aud.

If you are like me, that girl crazy about make up that really enjoy discovering new products, specially those one used by famous makeup artist which are not so expensive as you could think. Becca is the brand for you. What I love of this brand it´s the fact that their product are unique and wearable every day.

You can get Becca online and in David Jones stores.

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