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domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

My list of wishes!

These are the products that I have on mind to get, I´m not sure when yet and also I don´t know why. I tend to do a lot of research before buying new makeup so the things I included in this post are the ones I think are worthwhile.

1) I have a fixation with my under eye circles. They are very subtle but I feel I can see them always!! no matter how much corrector and concealer I apply. Currently I´m using Bobbi Brown corrector but I still can see a light grey-ish zone under my eyes that I hate it. So the first product that I added to my list of wishes is a MAC concealer. My sister bought one and she has the biggest and deepest under eye circles and this works incredibly for I was thinking if it works for her, it has to work for me right? I want to try the studio sculpt concealer or the mineralize one and then make my choose. A soon as I get it I´m going to do a review.

2) Another MAC product that I´m obsessed with is cream eyeshadow Paint Pot in the color Indianwood. Three months ago I have the money to get it but it wasn´t abailable at the store so because I desperate wanted a cream eyeshadow I bought one from Benefit which is not bad, but the color is not what I want. So Indianwood is still in my mind.

3) Everybody say that a very good dupe of MAC Paint Pot is the Maybelline eyestudio color tattoo cream gel eyeshadow. These just arrived to Australia so it is almost impossible to find all the colors at Priceline. It is much cheaper than the MAC one so I hope I can find the color bad to the bronze or bold gold soon to see if it is as Indianwood. I couuldn´t see the testers!!

4) And the last place I have to recognize that it is something that I want to own just because of the thousands reviews I´ve read about it and because I realize that I need brushes that I can put on my bag (I never have makeup in my bag, but this semester I have very long lectures so I start to feel the need to have some essentials in my bag, concealer, blush, powder and brushes to apply them of course!) So along with the eyeshadows, at Priceline you can find the Real techniques brushes now and I really really want the travel set. Fortunately It is not as expensive as I thought. The problem is that it is sold out!! I have to wait again.

So that´s my list of wishes, I hope my husband or my family read it and they bought the things for me hahaha...I´m asking too much right?

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