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lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Beauty Blender experience

I wanted to try these for ages but the price makes me hesitate, however in this website you can find it very cheap and the shipping is quite reasonable. 
I´ve used many sponge that pretend to be similar to the Beauty Blender, but after try the real one, in my opinion, the Beauty Blender is unique.
The main difference I noticed was that the Beauty Blender is much softer and manageable than other, when it is wet, it is bigger than before (as you can see in the pic above) and to apply the foundation you only need to pad gently with the flat part and in the eye´s area with the pointed end.
I love it! you can reach the flawless finish so easily!
So if you´re thinking to buy it, but you´re not sure, I highly recommend you to buy it. It is amazing!
Here are some pics that I took with different foundations...I particularly like how makes my Missha BB cream look, one that I didn´t like with other tool´s application.

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (n°27)

You can compare these pics with the pic I took before on this link wearing the same BB cream but appl with other brush. In my view, the outcome is totally different.

I hope you like my post
Have a good day
Javi ♥

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