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domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

How I curl my lashes!

Every day I receive many compliments about my eyelashes. People ask me if they are false eyelashes, what mascara or eyelash curler I use or what is my trick. Well, my answer is always the same, a Tea Spoon. Yes, that is my secret tool and I love it, I have the Shuuemura eyelash curler, and it helps but the real secret weapon to get the perfect curl is my spoon. 
It is so difficult to explain the technique in English that I´ve decided to do a short video to show you how to do it. 
You can see the before and after pics, but don´t laugh at me please! (I know I look horrible).
Once you dominate the technique and you keep practice, you are going to notice the difference in your lashes, and it is going to take you only a minute to get the perfect curl. I have to say that this is not beneficial for your lashes, you need to be gentle because it can harm them, but as I said, once you get the trick it is not difficult and it is not dangerous at all.
Watch the video, find the perfect spoon for your eye and practice!
Practice makes perfect!

my natural lashes (bare face)

with no mascara (just foundation)

complete make up

close up

Here is the video, I hope you like it!

Javi ♥

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