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miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Real Techniques brushes: Core collection and Expert face brush

A few weeks ago I bought the Expert face Brush and the Core collection by Real techniques because I was interested to try them out, especially the Expert face, Buffing and contour brushes. 

I bought them from iherb at a very good price, that´s why I bought both and I´m really glad a I did. Since I got them I haven´t used any other foundation brush. Both, the Expert face brush and the Buffing brush are amazing to apply foundation. They are very soft, easy to use, and they don´t shed. I use the Expert face when I´m looking for a medium to high coverage look and the Buffing one when I want a light coverage. But, to be honest, I don´t notice the difference too much so I think if you have to choose, both are equally good. 
However, because the Buffing brush comes in a set, it could be more convenient and if you own the Chanel Tan De Soleil, the Contour brush is amazing to apply it. I realized I tend to use the small pointed concealer brush in the set to conceal any blemish I have, so out of 4 brushes in the set I´m using 3 of them every day.
So, overall, I´m quite happy with these new brushes, I love the Buffing, the Contour and the Expert face brushes but I use all of them. I highly recommend them because they are excellent brushes for a very good price (even if you buy the Core collection at Priceline I´m still feel it is a very good deal).
Here is a pic with a whole look using the brushes, and I really like the outcome.
Just to let you know, I´ve found myself using more these brushes than the Beauty Blender (I really hate to dampen it before and I don´t like how dirty it is after every use so I have to wash it and aghhhh, I prefer to use other brushes instead) so at the end of the day Real Techniques is a win win.

Face and Body Mac foundation (C4)
Girl about town Mac lipstick
Lovejoy Nars Blush

If you´re thinking to get these babies, do it! I´m sure you´re not going to regret it. I hope this post is useful, have a lovely day and see you soon in another post.
Javi ♥

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