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jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

KEEPCUP is awesome!!

I discovered the best things to my mornings here in Melbourne and this is the keepcup. Since I arrived here, I always saw people with a cup of coffee in their hands during the walk to their jobs, and once I realized that in the coffeshop you can buy a reusable cup and in everywhere you want to buy a coffee you can take your own cup. In any cafe your cup is accepted.
While I walk to my english class I do it with my keepcup full of coffee. The cup maintains your coffee hot for at least 20 minutes and there are in different colors and different sizes. The price is not the cheapest but it is so nice to drink hot coffee during a cold morning that I think the price is not bad.
Maybe in a few years this product arrives to´s fashion and it´s delicious. I love it!!!
Mine is white, pink and brown, here is the picture!!!


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