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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

My birthday outfit and make up

Yesterday was my birthday and as a birthday´s present, my husband gave me an outfit from Forever New. Since I arrived in Australia I fell in love with this store. It is based in a so female style with so beautiful designs that I think every woman who loves fashion can find something for her there. So, based on my new outfit I made a special make up and a hairstyle which I learned from you tube beauty gurus. I added the links under the pictures.

My new outfit: white blouse and black denim Forever New
Earrings from Colette

Make up: what I used: FACE
Foundation Revlon color stay (this is perfect for oily skin like mine)
Lóreal true match powder
NYX Mosaic powder (11 Truth)
Bnefit Hoola bronzing powder

Bh cosmetics 120 palette second edition
eyeshades: brown and deep brown (metallic shimmer)
Revlon colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti
I made part of this make up Prom Perfection (without the purples shades)

I tried to make this hairstyle Katniss Everdeen´s reaping braids (second part of the tutorial)
I adored the result, although it was far from being perfect!

left side

right side
As a hairstyler, I am a completely disaster, so I decided to blog about this style because I think it was very easy to achieve and it looks simply, beautiful and is totally in (braids are the must of hairstyles). An if I can make it, you can as well.
The outfit I think it is a classic, I mean, in Australia every woman is wearing this style and is very comfortable, nice and wearable. Don´t you think so?
I hope you like my post today.

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