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viernes, 13 de abril de 2012


It was about 3 months or more of wait. I heard so much about these lipsticks and too many good reviews about them that I was looking forward that they arrive in Australia. Thanks to another blogger (a famous one here, not like me) Ling I learned that Priceline would bring them to Melbourne. That was two weeks ago, I run to the store to get one. Then, it was my birthday so as a present I bought another one (it was my birthday present to myself) and yesterday I discovered that Priceline was having a promotion buy 1 get 1 free, so guess what? I run to get more. So now, you can be thinking that I really really love the product. Why am I so inlove with Revlon lip butter?

1) its texture is simply incredible, the perfect combination of  a lipbalm and a lipstick.
2) there are colors for every taste.
3) the package is nice and safety
4) it has a subtle smell (some can´t even smell anything)
5) 20 shades to choose

Now, you know, not everything that glitters is gold, and although many people say that it is very good quality for a very good price, I think we can´t say the same here in Australia. They cost $21.95 aus and for me, that is not unexpensive. Another point against them, they don´t last too much, for me, about 2-3 hours, but that is not a problem if you use a lip primer. Finally, and this is for retailers girls, although I said the package was nice, it has a problem, the lip can fall out by the edges and it can be disgusting (not for me, I don´t care).

Overall, I have to say, I´m totally inlove with these lipsticks, I´m trying to control myself to not buying anymore (sometimes less is more). I only own 4...but I´m planning to get candy apple and peach parfait...(maybe when I travel to Chile, because they can cost less) but the 2 by 1 in Priceline is tempting, right?

from left to right: 090 sweet tart, 015 tutti frutti, 070 cherry tart, 020 brown sugar

Brown Sugar (the perfectu nude for dark skin, just be careful with the edges of your lips, my big fat mistake)

Cherry Tart

Tutti Frutti

Sweet Tart
I really recommend these lipsticks, they are awesome, specially if you buy 2 by 1 in Priceline!!
I hope you like it

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