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sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

My new haul: Inglot Cream Blush

I discovered a new make up brand from my new idol professional make up artist from youtube Lisa Eldrige who made a magnificent tutorial on navy blue smoky eyes which I want to wear (if I can make it) in a wedding that I was invited next month.  That is not relevant, the thing is that I need a warm tone for my cheeks to complement the blue shadows and she use a beautiful pen lipstick in other tutorial from Inglot (and the brand exists in Melbourne, yeah!). So I went to Inglot, and I discovered its cream blushes. I wanted to try this type of blush because sometimes with my powder blush (I have already said that my fav blushes are from Benefit) I can slightly noticed my facial hair and I read that this doesn´t happen with the cream ones. I want to try the Nyx´s but I couldn´t find them (just online) so I decided to try with Inglot.
I chose a warm shade (n°89) and I´m so happy so far. It is just perfect, easy to blend, nice color and looks on my face as my natural color of my cheeks.
It costs $23 AUD, contains 5.5gr (the benefit one contains 8 and it costs $28 american dollars) and it is very creamy and pigmented.
Given that it is really difficult to find a cream blush in drugstores in Melbourne, if you want to try this option, I highly recommend you to try the cream blushes from Inglot (they have more than 16 shades.)
here it´s some pictures...

I hope you like it

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