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jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

My first MAC haul and new brushes from SIGMA (comparison)

It was me the one who said that I was never going to buy "expensive make up" because it wasn´t necessary at all. Ok, I admitted.
As you know, I had a very important wedding and I did a navy smokey eye look copied from Lisa Eldridge, my guru makeup artist. And she was using the famous Sigma E25. I knew that it was a dupe for the MAC 217 so I thought if Lisa is using it, it should be good...and Sigma is not  as expensive as MAC.
So I decided to buy my first "renowned" brush: I bought two Sigma brushes online, the E25 and the F35 (which is a dupe of the MAC 138). I just spend around $30 aud shipping included..Wonderful!!
But, not all that glitters is gold. After I cleaned the brushes before using them, the E25 totally lost its shade, it was fatter and not good for my crease anymore!!
I was so angry that I went to MAC in Myer store to get the real one, I mean I thought this happens to me for buying cheap things...
I bought the MAC 217 and the cleanser as well. Because if I was going to spend $37aud in a simply brush, I have to take care of it, right??
Anyway, after 6 weeks of use, I think I can compare:
SIGMA F35 is now my favourite brush, my holy grail, seriously. The MAC one cost $105 aud in Australia whereas my Sigma F35 only cost me $16usd, incomparable. The brush is soft, tapered, it doesn´t shed. I´m pretty happy with it. It is the best to apply highlighter and it works well to apply blush and to contour as well.
MAC 217, after what happened to me with my new E25, I thought that my MAC one was awesome. But after I received a new E25 from Sigma (THEY HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT) I´m not so sure. I´m not an expert, but, for example, after the third clean I did, the shade of my brush wasn´t the same. I have to use sticky tape to keep the bristles ok (after clean it for a couple of minute). I really like it, it is very easy to get the smokey effect with this brush, the blending is precise. It is good, very good. I think it is the one brush from MAC that you have to own.
SIGMA E25, the one that the store sent me to repair the other one, it is good, it didn´t lose the shade after clean it, it is soft, it does its work. I like it as well.
If I compare the MAC one versus SIGMA, the former is softer and its bristles are slightly shorter than the Sigma´s but I can´t say that the difference worth the almost $25aud more that I paid for it.
What I feel is that wherever you buy a brush, you can have some problems, as long as they have good customer support, you can avoid having a bad quality brush.
I bought the MAC one because I thought it would be perfect, but now I feel that is nothing out of the earth...
So, in my opinion if you have money for 1 MAC, you can buy 2 from Sigma, and pray to get the ones of good quality, but nothing that a complain cannot solve. If you want to own something from MAC I definitely recommend you to get the cleanser (it costs $20aud) and to think in the 217 because it works wonderful.
A blending brush is a MUST, from Sigma or MAC who cares? As long as the result likes you, it is up to you.
If you´re thinking in getting the MAC138, definitely try the Sigma F35 first.

from left to right: MAC217, Sigma E25 (the good one),
Sigma E25 failled and Sigma F35

comparison of brushes. in the middle it is the failled one,
it is very fat without its normal shade. Whereas in my opinion
the others look very similar between them
Overall, I don´t regret my purchases. It is good to have more than one blending brush. I use them every single day and even the failled one works well to blend concealler or my cream eye shadows. But I do think that before buying something so expensive as MAC brushes you need to be very sure about that.
That´s what I´m doing now that I´m obessed with the Yachiyo from Nars.
I hope this will be useful for you guys

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