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lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Finally I´ve found my foundation

It´s been a long month, very hard for me, between exams and my problems with my makeup ufff!!
I tested so many foundation so I want to sum up my thoughts about some of them.
1) Lancome new teint Idole Ultra: It´s perfect if you are not going to take pictures of you...the flashback is horrible and it looks as a white mask in any picture. So for me, not the adequate.
2) Hourglass Immaculate: Because set as a powder I didn´t like the face didn´t look natural. But it controls well the shine.
3) Chanel Pro lumiere: too much matte effect. Even more than the mate lumiere.
5) Chanel Matte Lumiere:I love it!! you have to wait a couple of minute to get the perfect finish, in terms of finishing I prefer the Lancome, but Chanel has no flashbach effect so photographs excellent. One cons, the high price.
6) I tried again with a MAC one, but again, it is too heavy for my skin.

So after I realised that my favourite was the Chanel matte lumiere, but I wasn´t sure to spend $84aud I went to priceline to buy the cheap dupe of Chanel from Bourjois, Healthy Mix serum (in number 55) because I read it was very good and Lisa Elridge use it in her videos every time. AND I LOVE IT!! it blends better than the Chanel one, good finish, not flashback, good coverage and good shine control. The only problem it didn´t last too much (around 4 hours) but I solved that problem buying a good primer for oily skin from Laura Mercier. I love the dewy effect of this foundation. So this is it!! problem solved. I have decided to use Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation for my everyday routine and I´m going to save money to buy the Chanel Matte lumiere foundation for special occasion.

I had a wedding last weekend and I used the Chanel sample that I kept for this. To get a dewy look with the Chanel foundation I also bought a NARS the multiple (in Copacabana) because I realised that for an oily skin it is really difficult to get the perfect matte natural finish, but with a good highlighter this is not impossible.

So my conclusion is that not all high brands cosmetics are good for you. Sometimes cheap is good quality as well!!

Matte lumiere Chanel Foundation

Healthy Mix serum Bourjois Foundation

my look at the wedding

I hope this will be useful for you!!

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