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sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

NARS YACHIYO: I confess, I´m obsessed with NARS

Hello everone!!
That happens when you talk more than you should. I don´t want to become a high end blog like many...I just want to be a girl obsesses with makeup and that talks about good products with good prices. Well, I can´t do that in this case, because my new brush is simply fantastic but expensive, very expensive.
Have you heard about the Kabuki brush n°27 from NARS or the Yachiyo? Well, it is a famous brush in youtube and I heard about it firstly from Wayne gossmakeupartist in his video about his 10 favourites brushes. Then I investigated a little bit and I realized that this brush is amazing to contour and applying blush. My favourite part of make up routine but so difficult to achieve flawlessly. I don´t know if it was because of this but then I started to notice that my blush didn´t last all day on my face...and I started to feel "the need" of buying a good I discovered Exhibit A...the perfect excuse to buy the Yachiyo as well...this blush is so pigmented that the Yachiyo is special to apply it.

Ok, I saved money to do my investment. I went to Mecca cosmetica in Melbourne central last week and they didn´t have the brush but They called to other stores and reserve it for me at Chadstone. Yesterday I went to Chadstone, there was crowded and also at the Mecca store was the famous makeup artist from Nars...(but that´s another story)

What did I buy? I finally bought my Yachiyo which I love. I bought the Exhibit A blush, Dolce vita for mom and the Casino Bronzer. Before this I had bought the Multiple Copacabana highlighter.

So let´s do a first impression review:

Yachiyo Kabuki brush: what can I say that somebody haven´t told before? One thing, some said that the brush is not the softest. For me, it is (I don´t own high end brushes, so my opinion is not the one from an expert, the only high end brush that I own is the MAC 217 and if you read my comparison with the Sigma one, I don´t notice too much difference, to be honest).
The Yachiyo is soft, very well tapered, light as a feather and what really matter, it does its work. It applies the blush so carefully and so well blended that it is a dream. I used it with the Exhibit A and although my lack of skills I could do it without problems. Also I contoured my face using the Casino bronzer and also I tried it with the Hoola from Benefit, and I´m not exaggerating, it is like it does the work alone by itself. Seriously A DREAM!! It is very expensive in Australia ($80aud) and in America ($50) but with the shipping cost and the time of wait it was the same for me. And we don´t have NARS in Chile yet, but some people sell it on facebook (around $30.000 or $35000 chilean pesos, $60-70 aud, and you still have to wait around 4 weeks.) Anyway, I think that this brush is really wortwhile. It is versatile so you can use it for many things. OVERALL IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GET THIS ONE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! IT IS MAGIC!!
!Exhibit A blush: I don´t think you can appreciate the real color of this product. Live, it is much brighter than in pictures. it is scary. But for medium or dark skin is so beautiful, it makes my face looks so healthy that I couldn´t resist to buy it. I wanted something different and to use it everyday. I´m pretty happy with my choice. Moreover, I only need to use a tiny bit with my Yachiyo and done!! Ready to go. What I have to confess is that I was expecting a bigger size, the blushes from Nars are not as bigger as other blushes I own, like Benefit ones (8.0g) or Inglot (5,5g) and the latter are much more inexpensive. That´s one cons, however you can´t find that kind of colors in other brands and you only need a small amount of this product to get the look you want. OVERALL, AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT, VERY PIGMENTED, NICE COLOR, NICE FINISH, NOT A MUST, AND EXPENSIVE. IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GET IT, YOU HAVE TO BE VERY SURE, BUT I´M SURE YOU DON´T REGRET IT!!

Casino bronzing powder: I love it, nice color, very easy to work with, it is perfect to contour, specially if you have the yachiyo, but if you don´t it is still easy to use with whatever you have. Laguna is the most famous, but for my complexion works better this shade. Good amount of product (same quantity that Hoola has, 8g) and I need to use less quantity compared to the Hoola one. OVERALL THIS IS A MUST, IF YOU LIKE TO USE BRONZER, TRY THIS, IT IS AMAZING!!

The Multiple, Copacabana: because I have very oily skin and I don´t really like matte finish foundation but I need it, I decided to try this to create that "dewy" effect without looking shiny at midday. It really works!! Now I´m using it every single day and I´m happy. What thing I really like is the fact that it lasts all day. OVERALL, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HIGHLIGHTER THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!

For my purchase I received a sample of Orgasm blush and Aigle Noir soft touch shadow pencil. When I was at the store, I couldn´t decide between buying Exhibit A or Orgasm (I thought that Orgasm wasn´t for my skin color but actually it looks beautiful) but when the makeup artist told me about the gift I inmediately decided for Exhibit A, why would I want to have two of the same? I agree with all the people that say that Orgasm is a must and it doesn´t look so shiny on your face. I haven´t tried the shadow yet.

That´s me, when I bought my cosmetics as well as some
 gifts for my family in Chile, Í´m going home
for holidays!! and I had Exhibit A and Casino on my
 face applied by the makeup artist from Mecca
So that is my recent purchase, I´m so excited!!
Since now I´ve promised not buying anything else because I have to enjoy all the new things that I own.
If you want to buy makeup, Mecca stores are a very good option for you (Mecca cosmetica)
I hope this post had been useful.

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