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domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

My big fat foundation issue! :(

I´m so disappointed, just when I thought I have found everything I wanted for my make up collection I discovered that my absolutely favourite foundation since a while it is not good for me anymore. The past week I arrived home from uni and I looked at my face in the mirror and in the area of my chin, my Revlon colorstay had turned orangey. It wasn´t the first time I noticed but this time I was worried. Then I read on internet that that use to happen with liquid foundations on oily skins...that´s me!!! but you can avoid it putting moisturiser and a primer before your foundation routine or setting it with powder. Guess what...that did not work for me!! Ok, I said for myself, I just need to find another one, but I already spent around $30aus in a product that I couldn´t finish it, it is worth to buy another drugstore product that I won´t be able to return if it don´t work form my skin type, right? and it is so difficult to find the perfect shade!! so at that moment I decided to go to MAC on Chapel st., ask the saleswoman to help me to find my perfect "forever" foundation although I had to spend more money (what I was totally against it, I don´t like to buy things only for the name of the brand). Fortunately, the woman was really nice, she understood my problem and started to try different products on my face. To be honest, the first impression when she finished to apply the first foundation wasn´t so good...I looked at the mirror and my make up didn´t look flawless at all, instead it looked cakey...I said this is not going to be easy...but the womensale was so good that offer me to take a sample of two products to give it a chance...
That´s why I finished with two pots on my hands of STUDIO FIX FLUID (matte) (NC35), the one that the make up artist from MAC applied on me that day, and STUDIO SCULPT (dewy) (NC37) which she said it could be a good alternative because although I said my skin was oily, she believed it was more a combination skin because in some parts of my face my skin was really dry...(I think she was right).
Before I left the store, the girl applied a blush (a wonderful one), I looked at the mirror again and I started to love how it looked my make up...but that feeling didn´t last too much.

What happened??
Yesterday I applied the second foundation, the dewy one, with my stippling brush...and after a couple of minute it started to turn cakey and far away from that flawless effect!! I completed my make up (powder, blush, etc) and it was the worst!! I decided to remove everything and apply the same thing but with the beauty blender...although it improved, when I was on my way to a party, I noticed that it still looked cakey...that never happened before with my drugstores foundation!!!

Today I applied again the first one and I didn´t have any problem to do it with a brush...but...again, cakiness...although I have to say that my face looks pretty nice...I don´t like the cakey effect around my brows, my nose, forehead and around my mouth...particularly because I didn´t have that problem before!!

after I arrived from MAC
(the girl from the store did my make up)

my second day of testing, Studio Sculpt foundation) applied
 with a beauty blender

today, again with the same foundation that the first picture,
fix fluid foundation
I hate the shine but it doesn´t look so bad
 in front of the mirror

I wish you could see the cakey thing...but my camera is not very good with details I think. I know MAC is wonderful...but foundation is so a personal thing that I´m thinking that my skin is anti-expensive things.

The good thing is that the people in the store told me that I could go back at any time to try another foundation because they have more, and "we only have to find the perfect for you", so I´m not afraid of trying again...anyway...

Since now, I declare that I´m in the pursuit of the one foundation!! I´m going to go back to MAC to try antoher types of foundation and also I´m going to Myer to try another expensive brands (I´ll start with Clinique, even better foundation, because the price is around the MAC prices) but I´m going to require a sample first, of course.

Thing I learned:
- I love the patience of the people who work in MAC. I really like the service. (something it is not as good in drugstores.)
- I really love the blush (but it was so expensive that I still prefer my Benefit ones)
- If you have the same problem...take your time to find your perfect do not have to buy inmediately!!
- Let´see how Clinique on Myer satisfy my needs.
- I hope this woud be the first and last product that I buy from expensive make up brands...that wasn´t my idea when I start to use make up.
- If you haven´t tried Revlon colorstay yet, do it, because after I tried MAC ones, I have to say it is amazing, not too expensive and very easy to apply. to my bad luck it turns orangy in my face...but it doesn´t have to be your case.

I hope my story will be useful for you guys!!
Kisses and see you soon

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