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jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

My big fat foundation issue: ROUND 2, Clinique

This is my second week in the persuit of my perfect foundation given that my loved Revlon tends to oxidaze on my face. As I told you before, I tried with MAC, but it wasn´t for me. On Monday I went to Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central to try on others. Again, the girls are awesome there, Cony, the girl who help me, was so nice and patience. We try in one side of my face Even better from Clinique and on the other one, Smashbox High definition healthy fx...I decided to buy the Clinique one because I loved how my face look on the mirror.
I used these days but given that my skin is very oily in some parts and very dry around my nose and forehead, it turns cakey again...Why is so difficult to find the perfect!!!!

Ok, here´s the pictures..I know they look great, but I can see that cakey effect that I hate...

Even Better Clinique foundation.
 Athough is for oily skin, my face looks  so
shiny in this pic (but nothing that powder can not solve)

nice finishing and easy to blend

it looks nice in pictures

Maybe I´m being very demanding but I´m paying 50 bucks so I feel I have to...I hate the cakey effect!! I don´t want that people can see my foundation. It has to be flawless!!
Anyway, the good thing to buy in this kind of stores, like Mac or Mecca is that you can return the product if you don´t like I went today and I change it for the other foundation I tried on Monday, Smashbox...(after the beautiful Cony applied it on my face again, I love being made up by an expert!)
To sum up, I´m not a MAC person, I´m not a CLINIQUE person I hope I can be a Smashbox one...seriously I really want to love this one.

I hope this post will be useful for you

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