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viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

My big fat foundation issue: Round 3 (SMASHBOX)

I finally decided to return the Clinique foundation, because I didn´t feel it was perfect for my face, and for that price it has to be. So I went to Mecca again, fortunately the girls are awesome, Cony even remembered my name and she started to try a new foundation on my face inmediately. We try Smashbox High Definition Healthy fx foundation. I really like the first impression, it has a very flawless finish and it keeps my shine  under control very well during the day. I found the perfect shade for my skin and it is really easy to blend.
I hope I can say the same after at least a week, I really really want to like this one. I want it becomes my favourite for ever foundation.

I made a navy smoky eyes to play

this is the real me...just with foundation on. it looks more
shiny because I was trying a highlighter, but
the foundation does control the shine very well

the finished look
I hope my story will be useful for you, I know this is the experience of many many girls, so my advice is trying as many times as you need. Foundation should be your best friend.

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