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jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

The worst month in my make up routine!

It has been almost a month since my adored foundation from Revlon decided oxidizes on my face to look like a carrot...horror!! I´ve posted two previous chapter in the topic, in the persuit of my perfecto fundation. I know I am a difficult girl (my husband always tells me) but as I said before, if I have to spend more than $50 aus in make up I want it´ll be just perfect!!.
Anyway, after MAC, Clinique and Smashbox (all of them for oily skin) I tried the new one from Benefit, Laura Mercier (double wear) and Origins. I have to say that Benefit and Origins are perfect, but two issues: they are mostly light-medium coverage (and I realized that I like my face without my redness areas during the hole day) and they don´t last too much...The Benefit one, it doesn´t control the shine at the end of the day but one point in favor is that the finish is the perfect balance between shine and glow. I had highly expectations for Double Wear, everybody recommends it, but for me, it didn´t work, it is really difficult to blend and if I try to apply a little bit more, it turns cakey. So I didn´t like it.
Thanks god, I only have samples, because I can´t find what I really want. It´s been frustrating!!
Anyway, tomorrow I will go to try others brands...I hope I can find that one, oily free, softly flawless dewy finish, good coverage but also natural!! even if it is not cheap!! but now that I love my face with make up I don´t resist to look so ugly!!

Here´s the pictures (I know that they don´t really look bad...but my Revlon foundation was perfect).
Benefit Wow Hello Flawless liquid founndation

Origins foundation in Honey (definitely not my shade)

Origins in Beach (too light)

Origins again

Benefit (you can see the shine in my forehead)
I hope have luck tomorrow...this is not funny anymore, Cony, the make up artist from Mecca that I love, should be tired of me!
In other post I´m going to talk of my issue with brushes!!
This is definitely not the month on make up for me

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